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    • Staff was very polite and courteous.  They were quick and honest but above all they were fair with their offer! Beverly Hills–K. Mizban, Beverly Hills, Lincoln Town Car

    • It was all just very simple and straightforwar. Adel did a great job buying the car off of me at a fair price and everything was done very quicly and conveniently! Thank you guys!–Jake Levonthal, Los Angeles, Saab 9/5

    • Very good. I like the way you do business different from other dealers and buyers. The more I learn about you the more I like it so I will refer you to anybody I know who wants to sell their car. –Farhad M., West Hollywood, Honda Civic

    • Extremely understandable and personable. Adel and his team delivered on fair promises. I never felt left in the dark or questioning business practices. It was a great experience, highly recommended.–J. Tisdale, Irvine, Suzuki Esteam

    • Amazing. Everyone is friendly, helplful and personable. Adel even helped me to get my battery issues solved. Great business and great service.–S. Cornell, Irvine, Volkswagen Golf

    • Very friendly, accommodating and efficient. Satisfied with the service and appraised value of my car. I would recommend TIS and would use your services again!–E. Kang, Irvine, Audi A8